Hi there, my name is Stephen, but i will change it to Steve if it suits you. i want to be your friend for at least an hour!

Let me sell your house for you please. If not then i can get one of MY happy ladies to help, they love to answer the phone all day.

The houses with hearts around them are ones we have sold in your area recently. impressive i think you will agree.

Once you sign the contract we will send 5 photos of your abode to other web sites that charge us a fee, but we will stick a photo in the office for you. Maybe the front window!

For that you will pay us 2640 sterling (Including an E.P.C. Certificate that we might send you) Just don't call us too often about it on 0116 2779898. We are really busy. Thanks. Bye.

iN?FOHAART.CO.UK 0800 072 6276 Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime - HEAR HERE - As you can see we take a good photograph. You are getting a bargain at 2000 + V. A. T.